Shannon Piercy-Álvarez, Licensed Acupuncturist

Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Bodywork for the rehabilitation of injury, trauma and stress disorders in San Francisco.

Welcome! My mission, first and foremost, is to provide you a safe, therapeutic haven to calm your nervous system from stress.

I work as an integrative bodywork and acupuncture therapist focusing on post-trauma recovery, injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, illness prevention and recovery, pregnancy support, women's health and emotional support. 

The treatments I offer can provide you a gentle resource for dealing with worry, rage, insomnia, the blues and heartbreak. 

I provide whatever is needed in the treatment; the healing can be as simple as reflective listening or as versatile as combining acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massage therapy, rehabilitative movement, Reiki and herbal medicines. 

I value diversity and welcome people of all abilities, gender identities, sexuality, race, ethnicities, nationalities and ages. 

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